Essay on Morality Questioned in "Unforgiven"

Essay on Morality Questioned in "Unforgiven"

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The 1992 winner of the best movie of the year, Unforgiven, is viewed by many to clash with the society of 1992 involving certain aspects of feminism and racism just to name two. This movie won four academy awards including best picture, best supporting actor, best director, and best editing but it was actually nominated for nine which is pretty phenomenal considering the amount of money it cost to make the film. In this movie, morality is in question throughout the whole film, as well as the power money actually has on people. The plot of Unforgiven focuses on the character William Munny (Clint Eastwood), who gave up his life as a thief, murderer, and villain for the love of a woman and to raise the family they were soon to have. Unlike most other movies of that era, Unforgiven didn’t seem to have a good ending with the death of Ned Logan played by Morgan Freeman and certain other factors that will be mentioned later.
There are many resemblances between the 1992 society, which was when the movie was made and the dystopian society displayed in the film. Terrorism could bear a resemb...

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