Essay about Monopolistic Competition

Essay about Monopolistic Competition

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Are you an extensive traveller? Do you love music? Then your answer is a MP3 Player, a device that allows you to listen to your favorite music on the go. There is nothing like putting on the head set, laying back and listening to some refreshing music when you are exhausted. This is when a MP3 player comes in handy.
MP3 players have dominated the market in a huge way and companies would be ready to pay a handsome amount for some off the basket innovation that would lead their company all the way the top. Any company producing MP3 players faces one of the tightest competitions in the market.

In a monopolistic competitive market the product of different sellers are discerned on the basis of brands. Here the product differentiation given rise to an element of monopoly to the producer over the competing product. As such the producer of the competing brand could increase the price of the product knowingly well that the brand loyal customers are not going to leave them. This is possible as here the products have no effective substitutes. How ever since all the brands are of close substitutes to one another the seller would lose some of their customers to these competitors. In the past many companies have faced the trouble of having a bag full of customers and due to close-fitting .competitors they end up only having a few. Most entrepreneurs fell that fronting their competitors is the toughest part of running a business in a monopoly market. Thus the monopolistic competitive market is a mixture projecting out both monopoly and perfect competition.
An mp3 player is a type of digital audio players that falls under the broader category of pmp devices. It i...

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...ily of these reasons mp3 player have become part of life. Apple has dominated the market in all aspects and will continue to do so until it encounters the tight competition.

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