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Modernization and Dependency Theory
A clear and advanced look at the two theories leaves one with the assumption that they are related and therefore they can be discussed together. This is attributed to the fact that they both argue from the same point of development and that development of a nation can only be reached at by ensuring the acquisition of new techniques. In addition a country on its own cannot acquire the advanced techniques but through the interaction process with other countries. In terms of modernity, Anthony Giddens compares it to riding on a board a huge juggernaut (Potter 2002, p. 63). This brings with it consequences in the sense that those who resist the juggernaut are crushed. However, this maybe steady for a given period of time and later on it takes a steady path and moves on to a path where the initiators cannot foresee. This makes it clear to the innovators that as long as the institution of modernity is still in existence, we can never be able to control the pace at which it moves.
Modernity has brought with it a major phase of social change and this is mostly in the direction of globalization. Giddens is convinced that the global modernity being experienced by most of the countries is as a result of the frequent interactional processes that are going on. This leaves it a responsibility to every citizen in the country to adapt to the system of social change. It can therefore be agreed that the changes that appear in the traditional setting of the societies are in itself as aspect of modernization. The global modernity has become a form of social life and those who resist it are regarded as social deviants. It has discontinued the previous forms of modernity and brought in more advanc...

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