Essay on Models Of Public Policy Formation

Essay on Models Of Public Policy Formation

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Models of Public Policy Formation

When Colorado and Washington legalized the use of marijuana, the passage of the legislation had to go through several policy framework models. Some of the basic models of the policy framework that may explain the legislative results include the Interest Group Theory, Institutional Rational Choice, Advocacy Coalition Social Construction and Multiple Stream frameworks. This paper will describe the steps, processes and reasoning on why Colorado and Washington legalized the use of marijuana. The paper will also explain which model had the greatest and least influential effect on the passage of the legislation. First, we need to understand what each theory is.
Interest Group Theory
Being comparatively neutral as to values and explaining process in an advantage of the interest group theory. The interest group theory has many different groups competing to control government policy, and conflicting interests balancing out each other to provide good government. Interest group theory also manages group conflict by establishing the rules of the game, arranging compromises, enacting the deals into law, and enforcing the laws and adjudicating them are tenets of the theory (
Institutional Rational Choice
Examines how institutions provide specific information about the gains and losses available to actors in a given sphere. The institutional rational choice is concerned with understanding how organizational cultures permit cooperation in places where selfish maximization might prove problematic (Jones, Boushey, Workman 2006).
Advocacy Coalition
Involved substantial goal conflicts, important technical disputes, and multiple actors fr...

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...anges later, so they may want to build some flexibility into their taxation and regulatory system. However, if some jurisdictions decide to change their minds, they may want to include a sunset provision that would allow them an escape clause, a chance, by doing nothing, to overcome the lobbying muscle of the new legal industry, which will probably fight hard to stay in business. In which case, as the sunset date approaches, legislators or voters could choose to keep their legalization system or try something different (Kilmer, 2013).
In conclusion, the interest group theory is the logical theory because of the various groups that had concerns when in legalizing marijuana in both Colorado and Washington. The interest group theory allowed each group to make compromises and concessions, which enabled them to enact legislation making marijuana legal in both states.

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