Mla Is Unnecessary And Adds More Stress Essay

Mla Is Unnecessary And Adds More Stress Essay

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MLA is unnecessary and adds more stress to students. Yeah it’s organized but there is ways you can be organized without following a certain format. Students now are more worried about the structure of MLA and questioning if they are doing the format right than what they are going to write about. Professors too some grade more on the formatting of the essay than what the students actually write about. Having MLA as a requirement and affecting your grade is unnecessary yeah you’re going to use it through out high school and collage but what about after? How can it help you after college? I believe there is no freedom in writing when you follow a format you can’t express your thoughts well when you have the stress if you’re doing MLA right or not. I asked my friend Crystal what she thought about MLA and she told me “I think it’s great and organized and the double spaced lines come useful when teachers have to add comments to your essay “. I think most teachers already don’t mind double spaced lines for that same reason and if only the double spaced lines are useful then why do everything else?
In the website OWL online writing lab it says MLA is “to allow readers to focus more on your ideas by not distracting them with unfamiliar or complicated formatting” but MLA is already a format that is somewhat complicated. Students now worry more for the format than their thoughts and ideas. I think MLA shouldn’t be required in classes and especially be graded because of the format we use or if we get something in the formatting wrong. I believe you can still get your point across without having to use a certain format. Why can’t we just write how we want and let our creativity go without having to be worried if our formatting is right? It ma...

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...y agree as the writer I think I should decide how to set up my paper and how to make it so I can get my points across the readers. She then said “Thank God I didn’t have that back then I can only imagine how annoying it can be so many rules and stuff” and it is, when it comes to works cited I believe in giving credit when is due but is it really that important how we do it? We can still give the credit just why does it have to be written a certain way? You can just give the credit and research information at the end of the paper how you want it and how you think it will be easier for your readers to find. Being graded on how you do that its unnecessary. Writing a paper shouldn’t be following a set of rules for a certain format it should be about your creativity and writing it how you want to and how well you write your ideas and opinions to try persuade your readers.

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