Mississippi Damned By Film Based Upon Real Life Situations Essay

Mississippi Damned By Film Based Upon Real Life Situations Essay

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Mississippi Damned is a fictional film based upon real life situations. Is it centered on a small urban town in Mississippi that has experienced issues from generations to generations. The film centers around three families who live in close proximity of each other. All three women are sisters who are either married or dating with live in boyfriends. There are also three young children who grow up with these families and are subject to experiences far beyond their years.
Throughout the film we learn that each woman has setbacks within her household. One sister has a terrible drinking problem and ultimately loses her job due to excessive drinking and tardiness. The second sister has had several pregnancies that each result in miscarriages due to high stress. The last sister (who also may be the oldest sister) is dealing with her husband’s gambling problem during the earlier years of the marriage. Later in the year we learn that she is personally dealing with cancer. Although, we do not know the latest stage of cancer, we are led to believe that it is at a serious point where she could potentially lose her life.
There are several characters to provide insight on from this film, however I felt that Kerrie being the youngest daughter experienced the most war in her life. I will take you on a journey of Kerrie growing up in the Mississippi Damned. From the start of the film, one would guess that Kerrie is around 8 or 9. Kerrie is the daughter of a two parent home. Her father is a working man who struggles greatly with gambling. Her mother is also a working woman who tries to keep everything together for the family.
Kerrie is the younger sister of Lee. Lee is a lesbian who is dealing with her attraction to women with little to no ...

... middle of paper ...

...ld deal with everything that has been laid out one step at a time.
Kerrie was fortunate to live in a home where her father was present. He did not always make the best decisions but he was present and as we see in the film, he loved her. They spent quality time together working on cars. There is a positive balance of paternal love in her life. I would help her see the value in having her father in her life. She would use her experience with her father to understand that great men do exist and not everyone will hurt her.
I would then focus on Kerrie as an adult who will be attending college in another state. I would make sure that she is not running from her issues but that she had either forgiven those who hurt her or created a plan for forgiveness. Kerrie relates to life through her love of music. I would help her create tools through music to express her pain.

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