Misery By Paul Sheldon, By James Caan Essay example

Misery By Paul Sheldon, By James Caan Essay example

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Misery the movie is about a famous author Paul Sheldon (played by James Caan) who is known for a series of award winning novels called Misery. To get inspiration for his books Paul Sheldon has ritual of visiting the Colorado mountains to complete his novels. Sheldon visited the mountains and in due time finishes his novel. In a haste to get back to his daily routines, Sheldon travels down the mountain unknowingly heading directly into a severe winter storm. While driving he ends up crashing and becoming seriously injured in the process. Thankfully and somewhat regretfully former nurse Anne Wilkes (Kathy Bates) Saves him. Anne bring him to her nearby home, on an isolated farm away from town to nurse Paul back to health. Anne is a huge fan of Paul, his novels and character Misery Chastain. Anne is charismatic and has a compassionate demeanor. Things change when she reads Paul’s new unpublished novel, where he ends the series of Misery by killing her favorite character Misery Chastain. Anne becomes intolerable, uncontrollable, psychotic and at times depressed. Anne forces Sheldon to rewrite the novel and burn the other copy. Sheldon see the other side of Anne. Realizing how dangerously disturb Anne is, Paul ultimately ends up fighting Anne for his life (Reiner,1990).
Based on the statements made in the movie, visual evident, and characterization the character Anne can be diagnosis with several diagnoses. To clinically assess properly we need to evaluate, measure psychological, biological, and social factors when diagnosing. We have to look at all criteria for psychological disorders to determine if individuals meet all criteria stated in the DSM (Barlow & Durand 2015). From Anne’s behaviors she exhibits symptoms of bip...

... middle of paper ...

...leep. Melatonin is safe in low doses and is natural (Romito & Lewy 2014).
Alternative ending
If Anne was successful in treatment the story would have ended quite differently. One notable difference would be that the author Paul Sheldon wouldn’t experience PTSD. At the end of the movie Paul Sheldon is suffering psychologically from his experience. In the final scene Paul is at a meeting with his publisher, and believe he see Anne coming his way when it is actually the waiter. Instantly, you can see a great deal of fear and anxiety come across him. Another effect of a successful treatment would be there would be less victims and more survivors. Finally, successful treatment for Anne would be the ability to function at a normal level. The ability to form relationships and connect to other people. This might mean a chance for her to be socially successful.

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