The Mini-IPIP Personality Scale : A Test Critique Essay

The Mini-IPIP Personality Scale : A Test Critique Essay

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Use of the 50-item International Personality Item Pool-Five Factor Model measure (Goldberg, 1999) can be a hindrance for researchers when dealing with participants that are less than enthusiastic about completing long questionnaires. The Mini-IPIP scales was developed specifically for this purpose. This newly developed assessment has been shown equally reliable and valid across the five measures in only 20-items.
General Information
The Mini-IPIP Personality Scale (Donnellan et al., 2006) is a derivative of the 50-item IPIP-FFM (Goldberg, 1999). It was published by the APA in the journal article presented in Psychological Assessments (Donnellan et al., 2006) that introduced the assessment tool. The Mini-IPIP is not available from any other source and does not have an online availability (apart from researcher published sites used for this specific research). Like the other assessments derived from the IPIP, it is in the public domain. Therefore, it has no cost associated with administration and it is self-scored with no means of electronic scoring at this time.
The Mini-IPIP (Donnellan et al., 2006) tests Big Five factors of personality; Extroversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Neuroticism and Intellect/Imagination. It uses a Likert scale in answering 20 items designed to predict levels of each of the five factors. The IPIP-FFM (Goldberg, 1999) 50-item questionnaire is one of many “short” forms of the more comprehensive IPIP-NEO containing 300 items used for the same purpose. Gosling, Rentfrow and Swann (2003) reduced the measure to only ten items creating the Ten-Item Personality Inventory (TIPI) noting a loss in psychometric quality. Donnellan (2006) sought to create the Mini-IPIP in order to slim down the ...

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Donnellan, M. B., Oswalk, F. L., Baird, B. M., & Lucas, R. E. (2006). The Mini-IPIP scales: Tiny yet effective measures of the Big Five factors of personality. Psychological Assessment, 18(2), 192-203. Doi: 10.1037/1040-3590.18.2.192
Goldberg, L. R. (1999). A broad-bandwidth, public domain, personality inventory measuring the lower-level facets of several five-factor models. In I. Mervielde, Il J. Deary, F. De Fruyt, and F. Ostendorf (Eds.), Personality Psychology in Europe, 7, 7-28. Tilburg, The Netherlands: Tilburg University Press.
Gosling, S. D., Rentfrow, P. J., & Swann, W. B., (2003) A very brief measure of the Big-Five personality domains. Journal of Research in Personality, 37, 504-528. Doi: 10.1016/S0092-6566(03)00046-1
Whiston, S. C. (2009). Principles and applications of assessment in counseling. Belmont, CA: Cengage Learning.

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