The Mind 's Eye, And The Paradox Of Sexual Freedom Essay

The Mind 's Eye, And The Paradox Of Sexual Freedom Essay

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Because all individuals possess different sets of experiences and perspectives, their individual realities, or their interactions with and responses to their surroundings, differ accordingly. While the outside reality that exists independently from human interaction remains consistently unaffected by individuals’ perceptions, one’s individual reality can change and shift as a result of changes in perception that can be triggered by events, relationships, and interactions with others. Leslie Bell’s “Hard to Get: Twenty-Something Women and the Paradox of Sexual Freedom,” Oliver Sacks’s “The Mind’s Eye,” and Martha Stout’s “When I Woke Up Tuesday Morning, It Was Friday” collectively address this idea that the realization of individual realities is strongly impacted by shifts in perception that shape how one interacts with and responds to one’s surroundings. All three authors accomplish this by discussing how individual realities are skewed and shaped by occurrences that directly impact how people perceive the world. Although both Bell and Stout describe the role that trauma plays in distorting one’s individual reality, Bell discusses this from the perspective of one’s relationships with others while Stout approaches this in a manner similar to that of Sacks, examining the changes that a person might undergo that will shift their perception and change their individual reality. Therefore, because individuals’ experiences can create changes and shifts in their perceptions and perspectives, these experiences drive the shaping of their individual realities.
When individuals undergo experiences that shift their perceptions, this effectively creates a lens that shapes their experiences of their individual realities. In Leslie Bell’s “Hard...

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...this can differ.
Because individuals’ experiences shift their perceptions of the world around them, these changes in perception also shape their individual realities. Alicia’s view of families and sexuality is warped by her experiences in each of the respective areas, which in turn change her individual reality profoundly. Additionally, Stout discusses how traumatic experiences can change how one perceives the world in context of his or her trauma by warping one’s experience of the present and presents Julia’s perspective as an example. On the other hand, Hull describes how disabilities can shift the manner in which one perceives the world in addition to the effects of this on one’s individual reality. As a result, one’s experiences shape one’s perception and one’s individual reality, but the manner in which this occurs can differ based on the context of this shift.

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