The Mind Of Our Mind Works And Stores Memories

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The Way Our Mind Works and Stores Memories The human mind is a complex system of knowledge, memories, tasks, and skills. With what appears to be such a small area to hold so much knowledge. How does the mind contain such things, though? The brain encodes information as soon as it’s gained then stores the information in a common parlance to make them easy to remember. The brain essentially “relays” the pattern of neural activity that was created when the information was first learned. Studies show that there is no real distinction between thinking and remembering there is about the same course taken by both (Memory Recall/Retrieval, 2010). The way the human brain functions is truly amazing. In a way the mind is like a computer inside of one 's head. Human’s use memories for a number of reasons to remember the past, focus on the present, and think upon the future. Without being able to use memories people would be more likely to make the same mistake multiple times and not even realize. All information that a brain gains comes in different ways like pictures, sounds, and meanings (McLeod, 2007). The brain is capable of saving any information that might someday be useful, but occasionally things may not turn out that the information one is remembering is not necessarily the correct thing. Human brains try to remember thousands of things and is common for the brain to get mixed up every once in awhile. Research shows in past studies that bad memories have a tendency to become more positive as the person ages. Every person takes their memories and tries to make a better way of seeing them that makes their lives spectacular (Retrieving Memories, 2008). After reading Understanding How the Brain Retrieves Memories I have gathered tha... ... middle of paper ... considered common sense the permanent memory part of the brain knows right from wrong. The human mind is a mechanism that is very essential to life. There is so many things that it does for humans all of the time. Being able to use the memories and collect them is a great part of the job along with thinking. Although the brain does not always save the memory in the correct way or pattern it still is very useful. The way that we are capable to recall and visualize what we have already experienced is stunning. Brain’s work in a ways that we are not fully done learning about yet. Scientists are continuing to study and learn more about how the brain functions so that one day maybe the we will be able to remember everything. Technology has given us any gifts and one of those is being able to understand where the minds memories go and how people are able to access them.

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