Essay on The Mind Games Played Out By The Master Puppeteers

Essay on The Mind Games Played Out By The Master Puppeteers

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Historical traumas are the monsters that haunt the dreams of survivors and their generations to come. Not only does history repeat itself, but its effects are everlasting to the victims it preys on. With an event of little humanity, such as the Holocaust, these effects are amplified. It is hard enough for us as simply observers to comprehend the wrongdoings of the time, let alone those who were actually involved in the horror. These incomprehensible events lead to baffling psychological effects on its witnesses, and for very good reason. The mind games played out by the master puppeteers are what led to these detrimental effects. Before we can even begin to attempt to understand the what, we must examine the why. In Maus psychological effects of the Holocaust are portrayed through the characters. Vladek’s various moments of trepidation and unease, the loss of Anja and the transgenerational effects on Artie himself are all significant examples of this.
Anja, wife to Vladek and mother to Artie, was witness to all the Holocaust dealt out, moreover, affecting those around her. She was a character in Maus, who was never given the opportunity to share her story. In fact, when Artie had been just 20 years old Anja took her own life. Although the cause of her suicide cannot not be given one definitive answer, at the moment I choose to look at is as a culmination of events. For it seems that throughout Maus every action has a reaction. Anja battled postpartum depression ordinarily, but the Holocaust shook her to the core of her being. “Why are you pulling me, Vladek? Let me alone! I don’t want to live!” exclaims Anja after she is informed of the loss of her son, Richieu(Spiegelman 122). In this moment it is Vladek who mu...

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...l tics are somewhat discreetly given to us by Spiegelman. Small glimpses of the psychological effects are used to create the big picture. As readers
People are most definitely the results of their former experiences. For every action that occurs, it is expected to see a reaction. Anja is the dangerous gateway between the Holocaust and her family of Artie and Vladek. Although she is no longer in the picture she is constant reminder of what used to be. The notwithstanding relationship of Artie and Vladek is a clear representation of trauma transcending through generations. Often these negative traits do not dissolve with time as people might think. Identities are shaped by these traumatic events and the Holocaust did such greatly to Vladek. So go ahead with what you do, but carry with you the notion that you are apart of history and that history has an impact.

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