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The text ‘The Midwich Cuckoos’ is about an alien mother ship flew over the town of flew over the town of Midwich. Every living organism within a 2 mile radius of Midwich passed out for one day. After a while all the women in Midwich became impregnated. When the children were born they knew something strange about them. As the Children matured they began to have telepathic powers that can control, read the minds of the humans and has a collective knowledge. People in Midwich attempted to kill the children due to their powers but they could not as the children always make the humans turn on each other. Dr Zellaby realisesd that the children have to be killed. In his final lesson he plants bombs in his cases which kill all of the children. This text analysis will focus on how the authors use of the structures and features of the text affect the readers experience and imagination of the text.

The title of the book is effective as it relates to the ‘cuckoos’ bird. The cuckoos come and take over another birds nests. In the story an alien race files over the town of Midwich, puts everyone to sleep and all the women fall pregnant a few days later. The title tells the reader that the book is about the town Midwich and that it relates to cuckoos.

Gordon Zellaby is a professor who is interested in studying the children’s powers. The author made Gordon Zellaby, the main character that is associated with the children and teacher of the children. The character development affects the reader because the relationship between Gordon Zellaby becomes stronger as the story progresses.

Richard Gayford is the character which was introduced at the beginning of the story which later on discovers the incident in Midwich and helps the military by spyin...

... middle of paper ...

...Midwich Cuckoos’ is in linear order, which means it starts at the beginning at ends at the end. The order of this affects the reader because it takes the reader on a journey where the reader discovers more about what is happening in the book. This relates to the beginning where the reader was clueless on what was going on in Midwich but as the story progressed more was revealed.

The writer uses structures and features of the text to manipulate the reader’s experience of the text and the reader being immersed in the novel has changed through the author’s use of structures and features of the text. Characters in the text use different vocabulary to reflect on how smart they are, this gives the reader a good understanding of the characters. The author’s use of direct speech throughout this text gives the reader a good understanding on what the characters are doing.

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