Essay about The Middle Of A Teen Pregnancy Epidemic

Essay about The Middle Of A Teen Pregnancy Epidemic

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American women today exist in an unequal landscape, confronting from birth a patriarchal society valuing males over females in almost every cultural facet, be it the boardroom, sports field or the halls of power. While making up a majority of the US population, women earn less for the same work, are less likely to be promoted, make up less than a third of the lawyers, a fourth of the judgeships, and a fifth of the Congress and are outnumbered by men four to one in science and engineering fields. Additionally, generations of cultural stereotyping has ingrained a drive toward gender conformity, which manifests in females suffering from body image issues and being nine times more likely than men to develop an eating disorder. Forty-eight percent of American females aged fifteen and older suffer from obesity and society is in the middle of a teen pregnancy epidemic.
The passing of the nineteenth amendment, ninety-five years ago, took a step toward equality in American society by giving women the right to vote and Title IX, signed into law in 1972 by President Nixon, was another step providing women protection against discrimination in education programs and activities that receive federal funds. The next step toward equality requires a reassessment and reconfiguration of Title IX to require more than equal funding and support to women’s athletics, which would positively address the issues facing young girls today while providing lifelong improvements to women’s educational, work, leadership and health prospects without detrimental effects to their male counterparts.
Athletic participation is an effective tool when charting a course toward improving the lives of women and creating a level cultural environment amongst the genders. The ...

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...remphasis on sports for male college student athletes is detrimental, and reduced funding may benefit them, with a 2008 NCAA News report saying male college student athletes have a lower graduation rate than typical male college students (Women 's Sports Foundation). Consequently the level of correlation of sports benefits for male students is not as encouraging as it is with females.
In conclusion, it is a moral imperative that Title IX be reconfigured to require more than equal funding and support to women’s athletics. Applying a mandatory increased ratio of 3:2 funding would to start would, I believe, help positively address issues facing young girls today like obesity, eating disorders, body image and teen pregnancy. Implementation of this policy would also have long lasting positive effects for women and is the next necessary step toward equality in American.

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