Methamphetamine Is An Epidemic Among Teenagers And Adults Essay

Methamphetamine Is An Epidemic Among Teenagers And Adults Essay

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“It like being dead for ten seconds (Crystal, 2015).” Known for being one of the roots of crime in the United States, Methamphetamine has become an epidemic among teenagers and adults. Methamphetamine is classified as one of the most dangerous drugs in the world. It is inexpensive, most addictive and loaded with dangerous chemicals. Meth users are more likely to partake in criminal activity or outlandish behavior to get high or while they are high. Awareness of methamphetamine is extremely critical because it is necessary to know the ingredients, the short term and long term effects, and how to identify meth and meth users.
Knowledge of this specific drug can deter use. Methamphetamine consists of ephedrine, which is found in most cold medicines, toxins such as brake cleaner, engine starter, battery acid, and other harmful chemicals. In addition, knowing the ingredients of meth is vital because a person should be aware of what they inject, smoke, or snort. The ingredients of methamphetamine are absolutely dangerous to one’s health. Toxic chemicals in meth are used to stimulate the nervous system. With this in mind, meth users experience their high from about six to twelve hours. Common names that people may know meth as is “crystal,” “ice,” “Tina,” “Chrissy,” “speed,” or “crank.” Users use these informal terms so they won’t become suspicious of using the drug.
The first time a person use’s methamphetamine, their life would never be the same afterward. They start to do things they would have never done before becoming a user. Being that the drug is addictive, people are unable to control their desires. Meth users put themselves and family members, especially children, in danger. Being around someone on meth can be harmful because...

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...n (DEA), it takes about $2,000 to $4,000 to dismantle a meth lab.
The use of meth has been increasing over the years. The potency of the drug has heightened and there are about 20 million users of meth. Meth users started doing meth as early as eleven years old. Once children get ahold of the drug, they become continuous users as an adolescent and as an adult. Young men are more than likely to abuse drugs than young females are. Young men are likely to get pressured into doing drugs because of their surrounding associates. Most methamphetamine users are white men 18 to 25 years of age, but the highest usage rates have been found in native Hawaiians, persons of more than one race, Native Americans, and men who have sex with men (Winslow, Voorhees, Pehl, 2007). Men are constantly abusing this hazardous drug and develop deadly heath risk or may even die from abusing.

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