Essay on The Mental Enslavement of Today's Society

Essay on The Mental Enslavement of Today's Society

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When you hear the word enslaved what do you think of? Usually we associate the word enslaved with slaves from the 1800’s. We never really think of ourselves as slaves. Now sure, we may not be physically enslaved but we are enslaved mentally. We have become slaves to brands but we rarely ever notice it because consumerism is so prominent in today’s society. Consumerism is the theory that an increasing consumption of goods is economically desirable.

Consumerism has corrupted today’s society. We’ve become so attached to brands and products that if we don’t have the thing we want, we get upset. Some people become so upset they’re willing to steal or kill for the thing they crave so bad. Now that is an extreme case, but it gets the point across. The point being, we need to stop being so attached to things. The brands controlling the products make limited quantities of things we all want so that people will be forced to spend lots of money. We spend so much money on things we think are sold out forever but really, it will be back on shelves later.
In today’s society, if you don’t have...

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