Slavery History Essay

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SLAVERY Slavery is a legally recognised system in which people are considered the property of another. A slave has few rights and could be bought or sold and made to work for the owner without any choice or pay. The owner controls the slave's life and labour. Slavery is closely associated with racial prejudice, the belief that one race is superior to another. history Slavery has a history going back to the earliest civilizations. Slavery was known in almost every ancient civilization as Ancient Egypt, Ancient China, Ancient India, Ancient Greece, Roman Empire, pre-columbian civilizations of the Americas. In the Ancient Greece much of the economy relied on slaves and the sacred island of Delos served as the main slave market of the Aegean. It was very often the practice amongst the people of the ancient world to enslave prisoners of war and that was the major source of slaves. Romans inherited the institution of slavery from the Greeks and the Phoenicians. The expansion of the Roman Empire created an enormous number of slaves. Over 25% of the population were enslaved. During the Middle Ages the Vikings raided across Europe and took most slaves on the British Isles and in Eastern Europe. The Viking slave-trade ended in the 11th century. The Byzantine-Ottoman wars also resulted in taking a large numbers of Christian slaves and using or selling them in the Islamic world. Similarly, Christians sold Muslim slaves captured in war. During the Modern Era most European countries abolished the slavery and it had never been reestablished. In the Modern Europe, during the World War 2, the Germans made extensive use of slave labour. They used slaves from across occupied Europe to support their war effort. the Americas In the century a... ... middle of paper ... recruited by individuals, businesses or governments and forced to work - usually under the threat of violence or other penalties. Descent-based slavery involves people who are either born into a 'slave' class or are from a 'group' that society views can be used for slave labour. Trafficking involves the transport of any person from one area to another for the purpose of forcing them into slavery conditions. Trafficking involves transporting people between borders but can also affect. Many forms of slavery involve more than one element or form listed above. For example, trafficking often involves an advance payment for the trip and organising a promised job abroad which is borrowed from the traffickers. Once at the destination, the debt incurred serves as an element of controlling the victims as they are told they cannot leave the job until the debt is paid off .

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