Mental and Physical Confidence Essay

Mental and Physical Confidence Essay

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Confidant Essay
Now in life there are many things you do on your own and it is hard because you might not have the best confidence. This situation happens a lot to me because I am not the best with self-confidence, but I have always had confidence others. In life you will always have those friends that you will trust and can tell them anything. For example, who you do not like; who you have a crush on; what your past way like; and what you want your future, adult life, to be like. Confidence is divided in to two sections, mental and physical. Physical confidence is shown when you are trying to run a 4:50 pace for the one mile. You have to be confident that your body is stronger than it really is. This is where the mental confidence comes in to help support your physical confidence. Your brain needs to tell your body that it has more than it does. My confidence to that is strong, but when it comes to talking to people my confidence gets pushed away. My mental confidence is telling my body that you do not know...

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