Essay Medical Technology And Ethical Issues

Essay Medical Technology And Ethical Issues

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After extracting the screaming infant from the wreckage, the paramedics delicately situate the boy on the stretcher and wheel him into the ambulance. The child, a victim of a traumatic motor vehicle collision, barely holds onto his life, having lost a limb with severe blood loss and head trauma. When the ambulance screeches to a halt outside the emergency room doors, nurses sprint outside and bring the agonized boy inside. Before they can even settle him in a room, doctors have already inputted his symptoms into a database and received his estimated chance of survival and which treatment to administer.
Because of this system, the doctors can utilize more time treating the boy and less discussing how to go about his condition. The new computer program, referred to as RIP, is growing in popularity in hospitals across the nation because it saves time makes tough medical decisions easier. Such a system could become very beneficial to health care across the country and the world. “Medical Technology and Ethical Issues” by William E. Thompson and Joseph V. Hickey discusses the implementation of RIP in healthcare facilities with the challenges and ethics associated with the program. According to the article, “using statistical probability, the program analyzes all of the input on a particular patient and makes a prognosis on the likelihood of survival” (Thompson & Hickey, 2011, para. 2). The article also explains how patients with chances of survival greater than 5 percent are recommended treatments and those with lower chances are encouraged to receive no treatment. Using RIP eliminates the pressure of doctors making decisions on their own as the information outputted provides a guide to help but also does not serve as a mandatory ins...

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...he system follows the growing trend and offer advantages that can potentially save thousands of lives. With its speed, near accuracy, and usefulness, medical practices would be at a disadvantage not to use the program. Emergency rooms in the future could focus their limited resources on those who need immediate help with RIP. They may evolve to focus more on urgent injuries or illnesses and less on milder cases that could receive treatment elsewhere. Emergency rooms should function this way as the name itself explains this. Using RIP to receive the information followed by nurses and doctors discussing the treatments and chances of survival offered appears to be the most ethical and effective way to treat patients by creating educated, but not prejudiced, decisions. It is quite astonishing how such simple technology could potentially save such a great number of lives.

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