Medical Monopoly : History And History Essay

Medical Monopoly : History And History Essay

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Medical monopoly


History is so important because as the old saying goes those who don 't know history are doomed to repeat it. Today we are going to talk about medical Monopoly history, The Carnegie & Rockefeller engineered a curriculum. Basically the Carnegie and Rockefeller Foundation donated to the medical schools in all the homeopathic natural schools that were there in the early nineteenth centuries. So basically the Rockefeller and the Carnegie Foundation have overruled the foundation that they donated to. So this is the problem when the Rockefeller and the  Carnegie group they decided to inform medical education. At the time of the late 18 hundreds in the early 19th century, 20 Century Medical School had a lot of different things there a homeopathic schools or naturopathic schools they were lots of schools . At this time the Carnegie and the Rockefeller foundation 's decided to empty out all the other natural medical schools, there were homoeopathic medical schools, natural phatic schools, urban collective schools, and many other schools. The way that they have made it monopolistic school is by greeting ahold of the educational system. By doing so they eliminated all the computation which is all the other schools and making it one patented pharmaceutical medicine. The reason why the natural health medical schools were eliminated is because they refused to teach pharmaceutical medicine(Andersen). In the end if a physician did not graduate from a Flexner approved school and received an MD they will never find any job, this is why MD’s are so heavily bias towards patented drugs and know little to none about natural medicine.
So basically the Rockefeller Foundation asked The universities to recruit a coupl...

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...y agree with the Rockefeller industry. Because there’s lots of ignorance. There 's lots of ignorance in our society especially in teenagers  they don 't care about what they  consume and all they do is unhealthy things.  we need to take care of  our cells  and become healthier and better for a community. better educate ourselves then depend on a doctor, have a good  healthy life .
overall the problem is, that people are senseless ,85% of students at the University of Cincinnati Blue Ash,  use patent medicine. Their only excuse is that it helps relieve my pain they don 't care about the side effects what  it does to them. as adults We need to take care of ourselves and educate each other about medical Monopoly. We tend to be to modest about these medical treatments by calling it alternative medicine but its not really alternative medicine if the alternative is death!

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