Essay about Medical Issues Of Medical Care

Essay about Medical Issues Of Medical Care

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In this present day and age, medical care is taken for granted and is losing its integrity as the boundaries between Doctor and Patient is becoming dimmer. With the rapid advancement in the science and medical field, there came hundreds of new machines and procedures that are being incorporated into new forms of efficient and safe treatments; however, with these new advancements, the patients would then need to be informed of the risks and benefits of the procedure before they are to undergo any type of treatment. Subsequently, this can cause the patient to feel uncomfortable with some of the procedures that the doctor may suggest due to the side effects and risks that were stated which would then limit the doctor on the type of care he/she can administer because the patient’s permission to perform any type of treatment is crucial in this day and age. On the contrary, when a patient’s life is in critical condition and there is no time for the physician to get consent from the patient or their guardian, he/she must quickly make a decision to continue unapproved treatment on the patient, thus leaving the physician in a tight situation. In the medical field, there are often situations in which a physician will feel the need to take immediate action to save a patient. However, due to the high risk of lawsuit, physicians should put their instincts aside and not engage in any unnecessary treatments that are not consented for.
At many points of a physician 's life, he/she will be forced to make a decision between doing what is morally right to try and potentially save a patient or place their values aside to avoid a malpractice lawsuit. For example, a case that involves a vascular surgeon, Dr. V, who owns his own practice, was sued for ...

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... consent form. The risk of receiving an unwanted malpractice lawsuit is too high and places their career on the line. The use of the consent form plays a fundamental role in how healthcare is structured. If the patient says no, then the doctor is left with little options, but when the alternative method isn’t as effective, the physician is also at fault. Therefore, the consent form should be restructured in a way that a physician can perform all that he deems necessary for the treatment, whilst of course informing the patient about some of the severe side effects that may occur. That way the physician can attempt to aid the patient to the best of his abilities whilst standing on even grounds with the patient. The issue of the consent form is not perfected yet, but hopefully it’ll become more refined in the future and healthcare will be able to advance even further.

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