Anna Pou's Case Analysis

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Learning from what Dr. Anna Pou had to face with the lawsuits she was dealing with makes me cringe. As Healthcare professionals, having to worry of possibly being sued for believing what is right for the patient or as a whole for the hospitals health is ridiculous. Healthcare professionals like Dr. Pou, have taken the Hippocratic oath, and one of the promises made within that oath is “first, do no harm”. Often time’s society look at courts cases as a battle versus two oppositions, but Dr. Pou’s case it is not. In her statements from national television she states saying her role was to ‘‘help’’ patients ‘‘through their pain,’’. We will never know exactly what have had at Memorial Medical Center during Hurricane Katrina, but we know that Dr. Pou will have to carry those death’s over her shoulders until she passes. In addition, it’s clear that Dr. Pou never wants something like this to happen to any healthcare profession again. The laws she passed and wrote were very detailed and strictly directed at time of future disaster, which is reasonable because prosecutors shouldn’t be so quick to point the finger and put all the blame on one specific healthcare profession. Dr. Pou type of law she proposed offered immunity to most civil law suits, but not cases of willful misconduct in future disasters. As well as …show more content…

Pou didn’t stop there she joined the state and national medical organizations on disaster preparedness and legal reform. Dr. Pou even began speaking at national conferences giving lectures on the topic like medical ethics and made arguments for the standard of medical care in emergencies. She explained her reasoning on what she follows during these conferences, and justifies what had happened during the Hurricane Katrina at the Memorial Medical Center. A few later more information on the case was found, and it improved the image of Dr. Pou. In the new information, it was found that she wasn’t the only who had made the decision to give the patients

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