Medical Errors Reflected Poorly On A Medical Error Essay

Medical Errors Reflected Poorly On A Medical Error Essay

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To most of society, medical errors reflect poorly on a doctor. Many accuse the physician of being negligent and incompetent in the event of a medical error, but the truth is they are simply human. The stigmatization of medical errors is a result of the high, almost god-like, expectations society has placed upon physicians. In his book Complications: A Surgeon’s Notes on an Imperfect Science, Dr. Atul Gawande highlights several reasons doctors have trouble admitting their medical mistakes and why they shouldn’t.
There are several reasons physicians fail to admit their mistakes, most of them revolve around their career reputations. One of the biggest barriers in admitting a medical mistake is the fear of a malpractice lawsuit. The repercussions of a malpractice suit can be detrimental to a physician’s career, costing them upwards of millions of dollars. By opening up about their mistakes to their patient, doctors fear the patient will sue them, so they often try to avoid it or explain it to the patient as if the error was unpreventable. As Gawande states, many hospital law...

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