Media Violence is One of Many Factors that Negatively Affect Societal Behavior

Media Violence is One of Many Factors that Negatively Affect Societal Behavior

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In “Whodunit – The Media?” by Maggie Cutler, the issue of media violence possibly being linked to vehement social actions is presented. The idea is discussed and portrayed in a harsh tone, but basically ends on the note that the answer is still a simple ‘maybe’. The concept of media violence having some sort of association with civil behaviors is not too farfetched, but how can one simply pin the blame on the media? Family, self-discipline, exposure, and general interaction with others clearly have a stake in this as well. Each of these factors help to support this widespread misfortune. As usual, media should not be the only component taking heat.

Imagine a young girl that grows up in a perfectly functional family; her father works hard, and the mother stays at home to keep things tidy and make sure that everything is in order. Now imagine a different girl that has absolutely no father because he up and left her mother before she was even born. Can you honestly expect the latter to grow up with the same idea of men as the first? This is simple material, and it is evident that t...

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