Media Violence And Its Effect On Children Essay

Media Violence And Its Effect On Children Essay

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When television was first invented in 1929, it became a very big event in the United States and then in 1950, came the new hip thing we know today as video games it also became a great craze with the youth. These inventions have advanced so much since 1929 and 1950, while violence in the media has increased, causing more cases of aggression in children to become more present. In this paper, I will view two different positions on the issue of media violence and its affects on children. The first point of view is media violence causing aggression in children where most of these views come from parents and psychologists who believe the increase in violence in the media causes children to become more aggressive. The second point of view comes from some parents and non- parents who view media violence as way children can have fun not causing any form of aggression to children, these are the groups of people who believe the violence in the media does not cause children aggression because every child is different and it effects everyone differently. This issue is important for many audiences especially parents, parents who care about their children will do anything to protect their child and will research the things they fear will harm their child giving enough reason this paper is important for the audience to know how media violence affects children.
Currently, most people view aggression more as a physical event and when it comes to the digital world most people view aggression as something very graphic for something in the media to be considered violent, one mistake many people make as it’s mentioned in Douglas Gentile journal article called Public Policy and the Effect of Media Violence on children explaining how the number one pro...

... middle of paper ... the damage in relationships or feelings of acceptances. This was mostly seen in preschoolers, teenagers, and even adults causing the activation of either prime or all types of aggression when exposed to the violence shown in the media.
There are two sides for this argument one being media violence causing children to become more aggressive and the other side who don’t believe in the media causing children any harm. No matter what side one can be in it helpful to know what can happen if there is too much media violence shown in the media especially to the next generations to come who are needed for anyone to have a future. Not every child is affected by the powers of violence in the media can do to children, but it is something to consider when showing children any type violence because of its effect to cause children to change and become aggressive with others.

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