Media Violence : A Strong Influence On Children And Teenagers Essay

Media Violence : A Strong Influence On Children And Teenagers Essay

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Media violence has a strong influence on children and teenagers here in America. There are tons of media violence such as video games, televisions, music videos, and the internet. Research showed the evidence that the exposure to violent films, video games, and music is increasing the violence and aggression from teenagers and children. Children are more likely to imitate the violence from the television. The process of imitating is a social learning theory. Parents need to be aware of how media violence influences children to do violent acts. There are three major theoretical perspectives: the structural-functionalist perspective, the conflict perspective and the symbolic interactionist perspective. Those perspectives will explain about the causes and possible solutions to social problems of media violence.
In “Time Well Spent? Relating Television Use to Children’s Free-Time Activities” (2006), Elizabeth A. Vandewater, David S. Bickham, and June H. Lee claimed that in America, children and teenagers aged from 2 to 17 watch TV for between 19 and 40 hours per a week. Violence behavior is reinforced by models watched by children on TV, internet, in video games and music videos. Children who learned the aggressive behaviors of parents, peers, and characters in media against others may assume that aggression is acceptable. They recommended that parents should participate in their child’s other activities like sports, hobbies, and outside play to reduce a child’s desire to watch more media. For example, children can do those types of activities such as drawing, coloring, playing a musical instrument, playing pretend or dress-up, playing card games or board games, and playing with toys. Don’t forget about arts and crafts also. There are...

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...sure, we change our perspectives on violence itself. We need to understand that the exposure at such young age alter our values and norms. Children thinks violence is the normal thing. However, we need to prevent this from ongoing situations by taking control of the television in our households. When children or teenagers watch their favorite actors in TV shows or movies, actors use violence as solution. It changes symbolically. Still; children begin to accept it as a solution. Children need to realize that the consequences of violent acts do exist and they are real. Those possible solutions are to limit their hours on media, encourage them to get involved with sports or hobbies, and monitor those media to see which is good or not. Family can play board game, read a favorite book or work on crafts so children’s desires to watch TV will be deceased.

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