The Media 's Influence On Women 's Self Perceptions Essay

The Media 's Influence On Women 's Self Perceptions Essay

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Many would agree that the media is where most people, especially the youth, learn most of the information they know about the world around them. The media is an extremely powerful tool, it has the power to educate and deliver the content that shapes our society. However, the media has very few restrictions on its content. This can be especially problematic for young girls seeking an identity. They are constantly bombarded with messages of this unattainable idea of beauty. Mainstream media’s disparaging portrayal of women sets young girls up to a lifetime on the futile pursuit of the ideal body. Women are taught at a young age that leadership is a masculine pursuit and this contributes greatly to the under representation of women in leadership positions. Diversifying the media in order to encourage women to reach their full potential is imperative to this countries culture. There is a huge problem of distortion in the media, inaccurate stereotypes that damage women’s self-perceptions and limit their social roles (Thronham). The children in this generation have grown up on the internet and watching TV absorbing the messages advertising and media outlets want us to hear.
Many experts agree that this systematic misrepresentation of women began in 1947 as a media campaign to get women back into the homes. Historian Barbra J. Berg discussed this in the documentary MissRepresentation. She discussed in detail how, During World War II, six million women were hired to work in the factories in the absence of the men who were in the military. By the time the war was coming to an end, 80% of women wanted to stay at their jobs. When soldiers returned home, within just two days 800,000 women were fired from the air craft industry with other in...

... middle of paper ... to buy products from companies that portray women negatively will help to end gender stereotypes against women. Being a women is much more than what mainstream media portrays. We are multidimensional people who demand respect. I know personally, watching reality TV I have seen the least realistic representation of women out there. Showing women as ditsy and over concerned with beauty. These types of shows don’t properly demonstrate the everyday life of the average women in America. Women are being sold the idea that beauty is their ultimate aspiration, this causes the number of women in leadership to be embarrassingly low. We have the power to simply not buy it, and not believe it. I will leave you with this quote from Dr. Gail Dines, “If tomorrow, women woke up and decided they really liked their bodies, just think how many industries would go out of business.”

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