Essay on The Media Representation Of Afro And The Racial Prejudice

Essay on The Media Representation Of Afro And The Racial Prejudice

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Afro-Peruvians are often related to negative characteristics, this can be related to social, historical and cultural factors, and this representations might be reinforced and reproduction in the national media, which usually portrays afro-Peruvians associating them with negative attributes and low intellectual capacities.
Because of this, the objectives of this research are to establish a causal relation between the media representation of Afro-Peruvian and the racial prejudice towards them, and to examine the influence of negative media representation on the construction of stereotypes of Afro-Peruvian.
Taking this into account, there are two hypothesis for this research. The first one is that negative media representation of afro-Peruvians generates negative racial prejudice; and the second one is that negative media representation of afro-Peruvians reinforces the existing negative racial prejudice towards this ethnic group.
The following variables were used for hypothesis testing: the independent variable will be media representation of Afro-Peruvians and the dependent variable of racial prejudice of Afro-Peruvians.
Media representation is the standard way in which the media will attribute characteristics, values and roles to a group of people, and that will affect the general perception about these groups.
Prejudice is a belief, either negative or positive, attributed to a person or group of people, without having enough information that allows to establish a connection between these conceptions and the reality. Prejudice is often reproduced in social interactions and transformed into a general belief that resonates and affect the social interactions.
Following the previous examples, the research will use an experimental desig...

... middle of paper ...

...d to an opinion on affirmative actions, for example.
It will be extremely important to be careful of the instrument, because measuring racial prejudice usually requires a correct use of language due to the existing difficulty to identify in explicit way. The study will also considerate which is the best way to refer to Afro-Peruvians, since there some other ways that Peruvian citizens use to refer to this ethnic group.
This study will be applied to Peruvian citizens, as it is necessary to evaluate their perceptions and their levels of implicit and explicit prejudice. However, this study could be replicable to other countries in Latin America since there exists negative portrayal of people of African descent in some of them, by creating a new content that reflects their cultural characteristics, but keeping the same variables to measure prejudice in their citizens.

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