Essay on Media Influence on What Is Beauty

Essay on Media Influence on What Is Beauty

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Everyone has a different view of what is beautiful. Why are we never happy with how we look? Why are we so quick to compare ourselves to others? The simple answer to these questions is: Media. The media is constantly showing images of what is considered beautiful. These images greatly affect society and often impact the way people view themselves. Most of these images are unrealistic, and send unhealthy expectations to women; however most women are willing to do anything they can to achieve this look. In recent times, the notion of thin at all costs defines our culture. The media builds the idea of distorted body images, creating a belief that beauty is achieved through body weight.
America, but women and girls more specifically, is so consumed with having a perfect, skinny body. It is believed that mass media aids in encouraging these thoughts, thoughts of unrealistically thin body ideals, ideals generally unattainable for many females. Standards of thinness are seen in almost every image in the media; these images represent the sociocultural model of attractiveness. When females are constantly exposed to images like this, they are sent a message about how they must appear in order to be judged as attractive. In today’s society, the Kardashian’s serve as an example of this. The media is continually displaying these girls in bathing suits or posing in magazines, women and girls who see these gorgeous, successful women are immediately going to wish to look like them. Recently, interestingly enough, all over the TV is the Kardashian’s new Quick Trim commercial. The commercial promotes Quick Trim, a new fast, weight loss supplement. These girls are ultimately promoting a skinny body image and obviously society is going to buy into ...

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... to be stick thin. The media is everywhere, too; these ideas are in the shows we watch, commercials, ads, and in the celebrities we look up to. The media builds the notion of distorted body images, creating an idea that beauty is achieved through body weight. Images shown in the media encourage people to be someone else’s idea of perfect. Mass media has succeeded in shaping our culture and in influencing public opinion.
Media is promoting and aiding to these types of eating disorders seen throughout today’s society. The acquired notion of skinny defining beauty needs to be stopped and girls need to recognize that beauty is and can be achieved in so many different ways. Self-harm is in no way, shape, or form the route to take when seeking beauty. Unfortunately, the media continues to have a great impact on the way many teenage girls view themselves on a daily basis.

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