Essay about Measuring the Vital Capacity and Total Lung Capacity on Human Lungs

Essay about Measuring the Vital Capacity and Total Lung Capacity on Human Lungs

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Title: Measuring the vital capacity and total lung capacity on human lungs

To investigate the effect of gender on vital capacity and total lung capacity on human lungs.
To develop problem solving and experimental skills, for example, information is accurately processed and presented, experimental procedures are planned, designed and evaluated properly, producing valid results, recording results, and a valid conclusion is drawn.
To develop techniques of using a portable spirometer.
Problem statement:
Can vital capacity and total lung capacity be measured by Spiropet?
How gender can affect the vital capacity and total lung capacity of human lungs?

The main objective of this experiment is to measure the vital capacity (VC) and total lung capacity (TLC) of people of different gender. The main methods used in this investigation can be divided into two parts, namely investigation on VC and investigation on TLC. The main method used for investigation of VC is by exhaling the maximum volume of air inhaled into the spirometer. The reading from the spirometer is then recorded. The main method for TLC is by inhaling the maximum volume of air, followed by normal exhalation. The remaining volume of air inside the lungs is forced into the spirometer. The reading of the spirometer is then multiplied by 6 to obtain TLC. The main results from this experiment is that the both the VC and TLC are higher in male students than females. Therefore, from this experiment, we can conclude that the VC and TLC of men are generally greater than women.

Breathing mechanism of human lungs
The breathing of human lungs is controlled by the respiratory centre in medulla oblongata in the...

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