Essay on The Meaning of Saint Franis´ Life

Essay on The Meaning of Saint Franis´ Life

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All human beings develop at different rates physically and mentally. Furthermore, there are some special characters that gain the ability to flourish in which they acquire a deeper understanding of life. This is usually as a result of one’s profound religious beliefs. Such as the disciples of Jesus Christ, they at some point of their life followed the teachings of Christ; subsequently, their beliefs allowed them to gain a deeper meaning of life. In this reading we will focus on the life of Francis, specifically on how he flourishes into Saint Frances. Saint Francis was an interesting character, which allows us to visualize how he matures from his self-indulging lifestyle into a humanitarian.
In the early life of Saint Francis he really did not have much meaning to his life, and all his actions were for self-pleasure. Saint Francis born Giovanni Bernardone came from a wealthy Italian family. His father, Pietro, was a textile merchant that allowed a young Francis to indulge in whatever he pleased. It is not apparent that Pietro would get upset on the fact that Francis would spend large amounts of money. It could be because he truly wanted Francis to eventually take over the family business, so maybe he did not want to disillusion Francis. As young man, Francis would go out drinking with his friends and buy expensive clothing with his father’s money (CITE). At this point of his life, Francis did not really understand the meaning of money, as a result of having everything handed to him without any obligations. Francis even went to war so he can gain the glory and benefits that came along with being a soldier; however, he soon learns that this is not the way. Francis’ actions depict him to be egocentric; however, this way being is not...

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...ain we see how Saint Francis worked to bring all of God’s creation to live harmoniously with one another. As well these stories and the stigmata stories, they are all perceived as miracles and are still currently used to demonstrate people about living in peace.
Even though, some people may have thought that Saint Francis was a little out of the range of normal; nonetheless, he was one of those special characters that learned to become in tuned with meaning of his life and in general the life of all of God’s creations. Saint Francis was able to give up all the commodities came from his wealthy family background to as life live simple as possible. The main goal of Saint Francis was to help guide all of God’s creations to live harmoniously with one another. This is one of the many things that we can take from Saint Francis in order to assist humanity to flourish.

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