Essay on The Meaning behind “Vindicated”

Essay on The Meaning behind “Vindicated”

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The Meaning behind “Vindicated”
The speaker in “Vindicated” by Dashboard Confessional is the teenager inside all of us, and this understanding is vital in comprehending the meaning of the song. The contradictory lines (8-13) and overall sense of confusion helps us to better relate to the way we felt in our teen years. Perplexed and unsure of ourselves, we may not really know which way is up. But no matter what, we are correct, just because we do not want to be wrong.
In the first stanza we are captivated by hope, because it “dangles on a string” before us, not quite in our grasp, because even though we are aware of it, we do not fully have a handle on what it means to be hopeful (1). This is then said to be like “slow-spinning redemption” (2). Again, this is because we do not fully appreciate redemption. We can see it before us, in many different lights, hence spinning, but we do not really understand what makes redemption what it is. Because we do not comprehend the concepts of hope and redemption they “rope us in” and “mesmerize” us (5, 6). We spend a lot of time in our youth...

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