Maya Angelou's I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Book Report

Maya Angelou's I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Book Report

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Maya Angelou's I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Book Report

Section I

1. In the text "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" a young black girl is growing up with racism surrounding her. It is very interesting how the author Maya Angelou was there and the way she described every detail with great passion. In the book Maya and Bailey move to a lot of places, which are, Stamps, Arkansas; St. Louis, Missouri; and San Francisco, California. Maya comes threw these places with many thing happening to her and people she knows. She tries to hold onto all the good memories and get rid of the bad but new ones just keep coming. That is why this book is very interesting. It keeps readers on the edge of their seats.

2. In the beginning of the book the Maya and Bailey moved to a place called Stamps. They moved in with their Grand mother. She owns the store in the middle of the black part of Stamps. During the cotton picking season their grandmother gets up at four in the morning to get the lunches to the people who pick the cotton. In chapter two the young girl falls in love with reading epically William Shakespeare. Then later momma (aka the grand mother) found out that a black man messed with white women and the white people were on a rampage. When people call Maya ugly her sister steps in and bags down on the people who are saying it.

3. A reverend comes to mommas house once a month to discuss the ceriman but everybody hates him cause he eats the best part of the Sunday dinner. Later in the book Maya is raped and sexually harassed by Mr. Freeman. After Maya got sick the pants that she got raped in were found, and Mr. Freeman went to jail but got out that night. After the trial Maya and Bailey were sent back to stamps to live again with their grand mother. Maya goes to someone to help make her talk, because after she got raped she did not talk.

4. Bailey was late to dinner and he got a beating. Bailey told that he was watching a white female actress that looked just like momma. She made the movie ad they had to wait for it to come out to see it again. In the next chapter at the church people start to plan a party so people can have some relief from their hard lives.

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Now they are getting ready for the fish fry. The men show how well they can fish and the women showed how well they could cook.

5. In seventh grade Maya got a note from an eighth grade boy to be her valentine. She became very mean. She yells never again and she tares up the note and lets it go in the wind. He still wants her has hid valentine. but she says no. And then one day she takes a leap and flirts with one of his friends.

6. During a Gradation Party Maya gets a toothache and goes to see a white doctor. The doctor refuses to put his hands in a black girl's mouth. So momma storms out. Later she takes Maya to see a black doctor. After that Maya thinks of her momma as a superhuman. Vivian marries Clidell and they move to San Francisco. When they move Maya goes to a white school she is one of three black children there. She later gets a scholarship to study Dance and Drama.

7. Maya and her new father drive to Mexico. He gets drunk at a bar and left Maya in a car alone. He comes out drunk and she drives him to the border. Then she gets in a accident and he talks his way out of it. He never got mad but he was quiet the whole way home.

8. Maya started to go through puberty and she is afraid she might be lesbian. She decides to try to get some guys. She met two brothers down the street. She really liked them. Two weeks later she found out she was pregnant Maya quits school after eight months pregnant with her child. She gives birth to a son and was afraid to touch him for three weeks then momma made her sleep with her child. Now she is a happy mother.

Section II

1. The book gave a great message. It says that every might look different on the out side but we look the same on the inside. It was a touching book. I thought that the author made it very decretive. She told how the people were racist. It left a positive influence in my life. It made me think on how I treated everybody.

2. I am going to apply this lesson to my life by changing some of the things I say. I will look what's on the inside and not just skin deep. I hope that the way I change will help some for my friends say also. I want to help people. It will change the way I look at people.

3. I really liked this book it made me think of what life is like now, and how bad people made it back then. It made me feel that some things still have not changed like gangs violence the desperation of some guys. The real reason i loved this book was that it always came to a good part that interested me and made me feal smart for my age because of the adults back then.
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