Massachusetts Bay Company : A Profit Making Venture Created By The Puritan Businessmen

Massachusetts Bay Company : A Profit Making Venture Created By The Puritan Businessmen

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Massachusetts Bay Company
The Massachusetts Bay Company was a profit making venture created by the Puritan businessmen in 1628. To achieve their goal, they obtained a charter from the King that allowed to explore New England for precious metals. In 1629, they signed the Cambridge Agreement which gave the members of the company full control over the new colony that was to be created.
In 1684, the charter was taken away from the Massachusetts Bay Company. However, it had already succeeded in establishing a colony in America. It was named the Colony of Massachusetts Bay. In 1780, it ratified its constitution which was named the constitution of the commonwealth of Massachusetts. Their constitution is the oldest written constitution still in effect today.
This refers to the journey that brought West African as slaves to the Americas. It was the middle leg of the transatlantic trade. Traders from Europe would come to Africa and exchange their products (i.e. rum, spirits, and gun) for slaves. These slaves would then be transported and sold in America. Finally, the trader will return to Europe and start the process all over again. The middle passage lasted for decades and brought about 15 million African slaves to America.
The middle passage was the largest movement of African slaves in history. The journey shaped and influenced the experience of the first group of African Americans. They developed their culture and practices based on their first experience. They then transmitted it from generation to generation. Therefore, even though the middle passage is over it still influences the Africa American community.
Pequot War
The Pequot war was fought between the colonists of Massachusetts Bay and a Native American tribe cal...

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...amp, Act but the seed of the American Revolution had already been sown.
U.S. Constitution
The U.S. Constitution was signed on September 17, 1787. Before the adoption of the constitution, the articles of confederation was the governing body of laws. The absence of a powerful central government prompted the creation of the constitution. The constitution created three branches of government namely: the executive, legislative, and judiciary.
The U.S. Constitution has been in existence for over 200 years now. It has proven to be effective in guiding and directing the country. This was the intent of the framers when they wrote the constitution. At the time, the country had just gotten its independence and it needed a governing set of laws that would guide its action. The principle of liberty, equality, and democracy that we all embrace today stems from the constitution.

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