Mass Shootings And A Mental Health Disgrace Essay example

Mass Shootings And A Mental Health Disgrace Essay example

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In his Wall Street Journal article, “Mass Shootings and a Mental-Health Disgrace,” Tim Murphy, a United States representative from Pennsylvania and a psychologist in the Navy Reserve Medical Service Corps, analyzes the correlation between mentally ill individuals and the mass shootings that have been making headlines recently. Murphy has come up with the idea of a new bill: the Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act. He says this bill will help those individuals who have mental disabilities get the help that they need before their disabilities get any worse. In today’s world, people with a mental illness get sent to prison if they do something wrong instead of getting sent to a psychiatric hospital where they belong. I think this bill will be very affective in helping to cure these mentally ill patients. If we do not do anything to aid the people that need our help the most, the situation will continue to go downhill.
Murphy is the chairman of the House Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee. While looking into the mental-heath system after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012, Murphy did not like what he had stumbled upon: “What we found was shocking and disgraceful: a wasteful federal bureaucracy that is anti-patient, anti-family and anti-medical care” (Murphy). He continues to say that there are more than 112 programs that revolve around mental-heath, but it is 10 times more likely that a person with a mental illness will end up in prison than a mental heath facility. Over the past 60 years, there has been a significant decline of psychiatric beds in the United States. What started off as around 558,000 beds has dwindled down to less than 45,000. The cause of this is the “decades-long deinstitu...

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...gresses, parents should become more involved in their children 's lives so situations like this do not continue to happen.
Although it is not clear the exact reasons behind the mass shootings, there are a lot of factors. Some would argue that this is caused by the lack of parental guidance and the way these individuals were raised. Unfortunately, with out society, parents do not take the full responsibility for their children. Others believe that these are race/religion motivated crimes. These hate crimes, in most cases, are believed to be more dangerous and destructive than mentally ill causes. The most argued conclusion is that this is solely based on mental-heath issues, and that no mentally stable person would be the cause of this. Whatever the case may be, these mentally ill individuals need to get the help they need before this situation gets any worse.

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