Essay about Mass Murderers And The Disorganized Killer

Essay about Mass Murderers And The Disorganized Killer

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A mass murderer is a person that kills three or more people at once in the same place. Most of these killers are adult males that have suffered a humiliating phenomenon, like being fired or thrown out of their own house ( "Mass Killers-Characteristics"). They generally act on a whim and attack random people, usually with the use of firearms. After the attack, they will usually end their own lives or surrender, putting their fate in the hands of the state government. In some cases, mass murderers are not even sentenced for life in prison; they are institutionalized in a psychiatric hospital or serve time in prison despite the vile crime they have committed. Mass killers are a danger to society and do not deserve to live after what they have done.

There are two main types of mass murderers, the organized killer and the disorganized killer. Both of these types also have subtypes. The organized killer plans every detail of the crime well in advance and are "usually highly intelligent and well organized to the point of being meticulous" ( "Types of Serial Killers" ). The pseudocommando mass murderer is one type of organized killer. These killers collect firearms and carefully plan their attack, usually just wanting to lash out against the world ( "Mass Killers-Characteristics"). Another organized killer is the set and run killer. These murderers usually intend to plant a device with a timer and flee the scene when the explosion starts ( "Mass Killers-Characteristics"). The last of this type of killer is the disciple killer which follows the commands of a leader, usually wanting to do nothing more than please their leaders ( "Mass Killers-Characteristics"). The disorganized killer does not plan out their attack and appears to strike r...

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... released after convincing the doctors that he was reformed. He then killed eight more people and is still alive today. These people deserve to die before they have the chance to hurt more people, even if they are legally insane. If the death penalty is abolished, there could become an increase of mass murderers and serial killers. It’s possible that the existence of the death penalty alone is preventing people from hurting others. If potential killers know that they cannot be charged with a death sentence, they might act on their impulses. Kim Master Evans says that “abolishing the death penalty now will only lead to lesser punishments for criminals in the future,” which could also lead to more criminals. If the punishments are not harsh enough, more people will do the crime. Charging these killers with the death penalty will protect more people from being attacked

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