Marx 's Analysis Of A Capitalist System Essay

Marx 's Analysis Of A Capitalist System Essay

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Marx’s Analysis of a Capitalist System
A free-market gives way to power and control to a certain group of individuals at the top of economic system, which results in inequality. The inequality sets the working class at a disadvantage because there is minimal to no intervention in protecting the workers. Karl Marx claimed that capitalism exploited the working class, which would eventually alienate the individual in a work setting, from himself, and humanity. In order to deter further alienation and exploitation of workers, Marx figured that the working class had to think alike in ordinance to the problem of a capitalist system to agree that social change was necessary.
Marx claims that capitalism benefits owners, otherwise known as the bourgeoisie, but most importantly it does not allow workers to realize their capacity by not allowing them to participate in creative labor. In the work setting individuals get a sense of what it is like to be alienated because they have no control or say of what is being produced. The work environment can vary between individuals, but the overruling continues to exist and the amount of income can be disregarded. According to Marx, alienation in the workplace is a result of individuals exchanging their labor for a wage in order to provide the necessities to survive.
Marx explained how exploitation transpires when the means of production eliminate the role of the worker (Appelrouth & Edles, 2016). The contributions of a worker diminish once owners figure out ways to increase the means of production. If an employee is producing twenty pairs of shoes a day, and working ten long excruciating hours earning the minimum of ten dollars an hour. The company begins to incorporate new technology that speeds...

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...he qualities of a product to overlook our individual characteristics. The qualities we possess as a human are what in fact hold true meaning.
Karl Marx emphasized that a capitalist system served to disadvantage the working class in various aspects. One was how workers were exploited and alienated within their work setting, but also from their selves and society. Another aspect was how individuals fetishized over commodities by allowing goods to symbolize the individual. But in reality, the individual pertaining to the working class was already seen as nothing else but a commodity to capitalists. Overall, Marx figured that without the class-consciousness, that the working class would continue to be underprivileged. Marx sought that the capitalist system would revolutionize its structure from the bourgeois being the hierarchy in dominance, to instead the proletariats.

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