Martin Luther King Jr. and His Effect on the Civil RIghts Movement Essay

Martin Luther King Jr. and His Effect on the Civil RIghts Movement Essay

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Martin Luther King Jr. was an enduring man, he once wrote from a city jail to stay a part of the civil rights movement. One must ask now, how did Martin Luther King Jr. help so greatly in the Civil Rights Movement? The Civil Rights were a great powerful event in American History. They helped revolutionize the world and times that one lives in today. Martin Luther King Jr. was an effective influential activist that revolutionized our world today with the Civil Rights Movement through his strong ambitions, actions, and powerful speeches.
Martin Luther King Jr. was a very influential man. He crafted great speeches and writings that caused a strong change for the Civil Rights. He wrote letters that encouraged people to act and to make a change (Leone, 1996). After this, people started to gain to raise energy for a change in the rights for black African Americans. He expressed his “I have a Dream” speech is still remember today as the greatest speech of the 20th century (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.). The speech and voice of power have some the spark to act and to make a change for the positive side of the Civil Rights. Also, the speech was shown on lots of television shows, which was a great astonishment for the times (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.). This allowed for the nation to be able to view the words that he delivered, and take action to stand up for the rights of African Americans in the United States. Martin Luther King Jr. was very influential of the Civil Rights by using his great voice and writings for the Civil Rights.
Martin Luther King Jr. was a very ambitious person. He kept on going and helped lead African Americans to have complete freedom. He never stopped doing what he believed was the right thing to do. The time that...

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...vil Rights Movement for the better. The actions he took marked others to keep moving forward for the Civil Rights and to be a great activist in it. Then, he took strong powerful actions that gained followers for the Civil Rights. This act of his make people take action and stand up for the rights of African Americans. Martin Luther King Jr. was a truly powerful man that did many things to help with the Civil Rights. This shows that the facts of Martin Luther King Jr. was a very effective man that helped the Civil Rights Movement Revolutionize the world that we live in today.

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