Essay on Marketing Analysis : Be Our Guest, Inc.

Essay on Marketing Analysis : Be Our Guest, Inc.

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Be our guest

Marketing analysis:
Be Our Guest, Inc. is a Boston based company that rents out party equipment for events within the Boston metropolitan area. Founder, Steve Lizio , initially started the company in 1983 with a sole purpose of providing wait staff to catering companies. However, as time proceeded it became apparent to expand the company by evolving it into a rental equipment company that provided rental services of tables, chairs and other miscellaneous items pertaining to hosted events. Typically expected in relatively new companies, the company operated at a loss during the first quarter, however as demand increased exponentially during the second and fourth quarter of the year, sales revenue spiked accounting for two- thirds of the yearly revenue. Be Our Guest, Inc. desires that their brand speak quality to their customers, so as a result their prices are relatively higher than their competitors. They do offer 10% wholesale discount in order to attract more demand but pricing is not highly prioritized. Be Our Guest, Inc. belief in providing exceptional service has essentially granted them the ability to charge higher prices. By strengthening customer relations they have accumulated a large market share in a industry with only three larger competitors. In addition to distinguishing themselves from their competitors through quality of service, their central location in inner- city Boston, permits them to have a competitive advantage in comparison to competitors.
Be Our Guest, Inc. success in branding themselves as a company of outstanding value is credited to their efficient delivery system and keeping speed and accuracy in mind. Be Our Guest, Inc. grew quickly from 1991 to 1997, with estimated revenues of nearl...

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...aving a difficult time increasing operating profit margins and net profit margins at the same rate. Current salary expenses for employees and admin are impeding the company to have positive cash flows. Their decreasing current ratio illustrates their potential ability to cover short-term liabilities with current assets. In addition, their decreasing times interest earned ratio reveals their diminishing ability to pay their obligations. Ultimately, the company is experiencing dangerous levels of profitability at this point and because of that their line of credit should not be extended at this time. In order to be an eligible candidate and qualify for this extended line of credit, Be Our Guest, Inc. needs to seriously figure out a strategy to reduce their expenses, specifically salary wages in order to increase OPM and NPM at a much accepted rate comparable to growth.

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