Microsoft Case Analysis

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Since the time when computers began to become an everyday item, we have seen a leader emerge. Microsoft Corporation has over the ages proved through technological advances and new innovations that it is a leader among computers and new upcoming technologies. Microsoft offers a variety of products some of which include operating systems for laptops and desktops, cell phones and gaming consoles. They also offer services that help us with everyday questions and tasks such as Microsoft Office, which most people use in their daily life to write reports, make presentations and keep track of accounts. They have a search engine called Bing, which is a rival to Google and an instant messaging device, Windows Live. Microsoft with its vast categories of services and products has a market value of 215.44 billion dollars falling behind Apple inc. who has a staggering 306.23 billion dollars which leads the market. Market capitalization is the total dollar market value of all of a company's outstanding shares. Market capitalization is calculated by multiplying a company's shares outstanding by the current market price of one share. The investment community uses this figure to determining a company's size, as opposed to sales or total asset figures. The annual revenue for Microsoft in 2010 reached a record of $62.5 billion, an increase of 7 percent compared with the previous fiscal year. The number of employees employed at Microsoft as of 2010 was 89,000. Google who is a well know competitor has 24,400 employees and Apple who employs 49,400 employees.

Microsoft has a very detailed vision their vision states that Microsoft is“To be led by a globally diverse workforce that consistently delivers outstanding business results, understands the various...

... middle of paper ... personally. The reasons that I believe this is that Microsoft has capitalized on computers and marketing on operating systems for most people who do not own Macs. I expect Microsoft to only grow in power and knowledge making is one of the leading businesses to have a chance to apply myself at. They have an initiative to expand into other markets such as graphic design, automobiles, as well as; gaming and everyday uses. As a growing business student Microsoft would have the ability to take my pre-existing knowledge and expand it into one of their more rapidly growing markets. Having the ability to grow and change within a company is a very key aspect of business. You personally have the ability to create new ways to market and grow. Microsoft is a corporation in which I can see my abilities and talents put to use and I feel that I would be a perfect fit for them.
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