Marketing Agency, Partners Up With Ontann Beauty Care Essay

Marketing Agency, Partners Up With Ontann Beauty Care Essay

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Leo Burnett, an advertising agency, partners up with Ontann Beauty Care (OBC) to create a new line of beauty products called Forever Young. The line had 2 different teams, one for Asia and one for North America. The Asia team produced for the market in Taiwan, while the team from North America produced for the markets in London and Canada. The team from Taiwan reported success with their campaign while the North America team had difficulties throughout the stages of the launch process. The poor performance in the Canadian market was due to the ineffective project management and coordination between the two teams from Leo Burnett. There was also a lack of a communication protocol between the team from Canada and the team from London.
Even though the process was not smooth, the North America team still managed to launch but had a terrible debut. The launch was considered to be “below standards” and was not even considered for a rollout into the US market. After the launch, the team dynamics have been slowed down and the relationships are strained. Further complicating matters are that a number of the staff from the companies has left without a notice which could jeopardize the stability of the Forever Young project.

OBC operated with a centralized global team strategy which allowed them to set a strategy for each product and define the guidelines for the local market to adhere to. Because Leo Burnett wanted to keep a good relationship with OBC, they decided to centralize all the decision making to the UK team, which was allowed to make all the final decisions in the whole process for the campaign. The global team was in charge of design and communication brands, which they then send to their satellite te...

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...e to work together in a more advantageous way. After bridging, the teams should recenter and then integrate what they have learned through the process in order to better their team chemistry.
The last recommendation which could work is to hire Tanya Yang from the Taiwanese market to help out temporarily with the North America team. It is proven that Tanya Yang is a great leader and might be able to help out with the organization structure of the North America campaign. It is also quite common for a company to place their star employee at a different location in order to help out and lead the troubling location. If Tanya can utilize similar techniques to how she did with Taiwan, the campaign will have a very good chance of being successful. If Leo Burnett and OBC follow these recommendations carefully, I have no doubt that they can become successful in no time.

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