Essay about Market Research Implementation Plan: Research Tools

Essay about Market Research Implementation Plan: Research Tools

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Market Research Implementation Plan: Research Tools
To stay true to its mission, Starbucks must implement a marketing research plan that will bring about a clearer perspective to the ins and outs of its core customer for the proper introduction of the new “Coffee of the Month” program. The implementation of this plan requires Marketing Team A to analyze the proper marketing research tools to use for this project, including a comparison of the selected tools. Qualitative surveys, demographic research, customer research panels, and secondary data mining are the market research tools that Starbucks is considering for studying its new research project. Furthermore, Marketing Team A will analyze the most, and least, applicable research tools to use before moving forward toward unveiling its proposed “Coffee of the Month” Program.
Research Tools
The first marketing research tool that Starbucks could use is qualitative market research. Qualitative market research’s main focus is to assess the attitude of the consumer and to predict the consumer’s attitude toward the marketing strategy implemented. Qualitative market research is accomplished through surveys sent out over the Internet, mailed out, via the telephone, in-person, or intercept surveys. Qualitative market research is “an exploratory and developmental market research method” (Power Decisions Group, 2012, Qualitative Market Research). Qualitative market research is best used to quantify, measure, estimate, and segment markets. Generally this type of research is inexpensive for the company. In addition qualitative research has a fast implementation and turnaround time.
Next customer research panels can be beneficial. These panels consists of several individuals who ha...

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...ill provide insight into the customer’s wants and needs, specifically his, or her, thoughts on the new program and the lower price. As for data mining, results are available quickly and at low cost; this feedback will provide Starbucks with quick information pertaining to what purchases its customers make most frequently. Through Marketing Team A’s research data, Starbucks will gain a better understanding of its core customers’ wants and needs plus their past buying habits; with this information, Starbucks can move one step closer to revealing its new “Coffee of the Month” Program.

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