Market Analysis of Muntrex Pty Ltd. Essay

Market Analysis of Muntrex Pty Ltd. Essay

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Company Overview
Muntrex Pty Ltd. is a private company directed by Noel Carter, a fully qualified Motor mechanic who specialised in heavy vehicles and diesel motors. Noel has over 25 years of experience in the mechanical industry and has owned and managed businesses since 1989.
Muntrex Pty Ltd was born in 1996 in Western Australia as ‘Carter’s Mobile Repairs’. Noel started as a sole trader, servicing the Perth Metropolitan area.
Seeing an opening in the market and given his company’s ability to maintain and service vehicles of all size vehicles, Muntrex then moved in to the road transport industry, in 2012 Noel founded ‘Mariam Transport’. Mariam Transport now has a total of 20 heavy vehicles, transporting general freight and vehicles.
Mariam Transport has now been in business for two years and has maintained financial stability due to excellent management and the security of ongoing work through large contractors. This financial stability is also due to the extensive experience of the director and the prior success of his businesses. The trucks have been purchased using approximately a 70:30 debt: equity ratio.
Mariam Transport transports all general freight including food, alcohol, clothing, building materials, electrical goods, hazardous goods and pharmaceuticals. Mariam Transport is currently contracting work from larger transport companies and also carrying out some transportation services on a private basis. Mariam Transport currently operates on a truck and driver ‘wet hire’ basis. Mariam Transport is currently providing these services to the Perth Metropolitan area, with the view of expanding from this base in the first 5 years of operation.

Market Analysis

Above is the current market analysis, of...

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...ials delivered.

• More advanced software required to compete
It will be necessary to keep up to date with technological advances; software is constantly being developed to aid the transport industry. Such software can be expensive to keep updated and maintained. There is also extra man power required in order to efficient data entry.
• Increased internet usage
Heavy reliance on online marketing and the time and money associated with this is a key factor in almost every business nowadays. The costs associated with website development, mobile phone compatibility for all websites, SEO (search engine optimisation), and PPC (pay per click advertising) and the maintenance of all of the above are quite substantial and should be factored in to all budgeting.

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