Essay on Marital Bliss: The Meaning of Trust in Marriage

Essay on Marital Bliss: The Meaning of Trust in Marriage

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There are many forms of marriage around us. They can go from open marriage to religious marriages. With this, marital bliss plays a big role within a couple’s marriage in life. Marital bliss is a form of complete happiness found or also showing that married couples agree to each other on most cases. This shows that marriage has a steady way of a balance but how does the marriage work?

Marriage can work in a variety of ways depending on situation they’re both involved in. Both sides have to work together for situations to be solved and be fixed. Therefore, this shows how some marriages can be successful. Many marriages can be successful, but in the current century, marriages don’t quite succeed due to various reasons. From past centuries to the twenty-first century, there have been many parts of marriage that have changed.

In today’s marriage the meaning of trust tends to go in different directions, especially with maintaining loyalty to one another. In the new generation stepping in, loyalty to one another takes part in of the major steps of marriage. Loyalty means to keep good faith and maintain the actual promises, fidelity and true faith until death and to eternity and to be honest with one another. With keeping high loyalty to one another in past marriages, they can last for many years.

Personalities are also part of a major shift of relationships and marriages for the couple. The Attitude of each side of the couple play’s a big role within keeping mutual marriage bond. Within this also, choosing the right the person is very difficult in this generation. People in this generation on an honest note have been showing a lot of individualism and that part will make a marriage difficult if they don’t care about one another...

... middle of paper ...

...ining a strong relationship.

From what’s been shown in conclusion, marital bliss is shown to be having a steady successful marriage. In parts it may not be perfect , but its sustainable with a well maintained balance of both sides.

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