Marine Life: THe Unique Seahorse Essay

Marine Life: THe Unique Seahorse Essay

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Of the many fish of the sea, none is more interesting and unique than the seahorse. Seahorses are truly one of a kind in more ways than one. They can be found in temperate and tropical bodies of water throughout the world. With a tail similar to that of a monkey, fins that rememble those of a fish and a head that resemble a horse this animal is extraordinary. Along with those characteristics seahorses are known mostly for their odd method of conception and pregnancy. Seahorses are monogamous and one of the only species where the male is the one to become pregnant.
The incredible fish are classified in the phylum Chordata, subphylum Vertebrata, class Osteichthyes, order Gasterosteiformes, family Syngnathidae, and the genus Hippocampus (Michael, 1999). Seahorses belong to the Syngnathidae, a teleost family whose oldest fossils date back to the Eocene (Ahnesjö & Craig, 2011). The family also includes the pygmy pipehorses (grouped with seahorses in the subfamily Hippocampinae), pipehorses and sea- dragons (Solegnathinae), flag-tail pipefishes (Doryrhamphinae), and pipefishes (Ahnesjö & Craig, 2011). The genus name Hippocampus comes from two Greek words; hippos meaning horse and campus meaning monster. There are collectively 35 species of seahorses but only 3 have been observed.
The three species that have been observed in the Atlantic Ocean are the Hippocampus erectus (The Lined Seahorse), Hippocampus zosterae (The Dwarf Seahorse), and the Hippocampus reidi (The Longsnout Seahorse). The Hippocampus erectus is one of two species native to the Florida Keys and the Bahamas. It comes in multiple colors, olive-brown, yellow, or orange, and has large pale blotches and dark lines that run down the length of its back. Some have large ...

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Seahorses have proven to be amazing animals with a plethora of characteristics that make them truly one of a kind. Seeing one in the wild is rare and they are becoming harder and harder to find due to increasing demand by humans and destruction of they’re habitats.
Amanda Vincent and Project Seahorse have introduced new sustainable methods. Fishermen out of nets build the grow-out cages and the seahorses that are caught are placed in the cages for five months, in which time they grow and reproduce. When the male releases the young they escape through the nets and repopulate wild regions. Teaching fishermen to spare the male seahorses, at least until they have given birth, ensures that future generations have a chance of survival. The only hope we have to saving these beauties is to decrease human intrusion and stopping the destruction of their habitats.

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