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Hippopotamus There is only two hippopotamus species in the whole world, the pygmy hippo and the common hippo. The common Hippopotamus is not a small animal it is a very large one! The pygmy Hippo is pretty much a smaller kind of the Common Hippopotamus. The common hippo has the majority of the body in the middle section of the body. That is where they have the thickest area of the skin. Even the thickest skin can crack in the sun for a hippopotamus; they produce red skin moisture in its skin glands. That gives it a mistaken belief for that it sweats blood. Since the majority of the skin is at the middle they can weigh 1-5 tons. (1-4.5 metric tons) The common hippo has toes that can easily move around in water and on land! Each of their feet has four hoofed toes that have webbed feet. Those webbed feet between each toe can use for simple movements in the water. With this animal it can be able to move around and ease through land and water. Adult hippos can hold their breath underwater up to 6 minutes. They also have a large head but very short legs. They have small ears but very huge teeth. Did you know that the nostrils that they use for breathing are located at the top of the head? Wow who knew that? From the early times of the Egyptian writing we believe that the hippo is a sign/ symbol for fertility in the culture and strength. The Greek word “Hippopotamus” means “water or river horse.” There is a godness and her name was Tauret, an she was represented as a hippo with huge breasts standing on its back legs. Even though the hippopotamus is dangerous and vicious it was indigenous to Egypt. Despite being a vegetarian the Hippopotamus has the biggest mouth. The hippopotamus can open its mouth up to 3 feet! The longest teeth in... ... middle of paper ... 62 years old! That’s a really long time for a hippo to live. Donna was born in 1951, and she arrived at Mesker Park five years after. She had lived most of her life at the Mesker Park zoo and the Botanic Garden in Evansville, Indiana. Although Donna mated with Kley and they have eight new offspring's. Those two had lived longer than any current staffed who worked there. The Hippopotamus is in danger of extinction, because hunters want their meat and teeth. They want their teeth because they are really long and they could use them for things. The hunters could make things out of the teeth, use them as weapons and more. A little more than a decade ago surveys said that Hippopotamus’s were not in extinction. It rose very sharply since then. In Africa (where they live) African Elephants started disappearing so the Hippos teeth is the next alternative to ivory.

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