Essay about Managing Change : An Organization

Essay about Managing Change : An Organization

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An intervention is an action or process of intervening. It is a set of sequenced and planned actions or events intended to help the organization increase its effectiveness. The purpose is to disrupt the status quo. They are deliberate attempts to change an organization or subunit toward a different and more effective state.
We have identified the following as a relevant interventions used in the company, EROAD LTD.
Techno-Structural Interventions
These interventions focus on an organization 's technology (for example, task methods and job design) and structure (for example, division of labor and hierarchy). These change methods are receiving increasing attention in OD, especially in light of current concerns about productivity and organizational effectiveness.
They include approaches to employee involvement, as well as methods for designing organizations, groups and jobs. Techno-structural intervention are rooted in the disciplines of engineering, sociology, and psychology and in the applied fields of socio-technical systems and organization design, practitioners generally stress both productivity and human fulfillment and expect that organization effectiveness will result from appropriate work designs and organization structures. There are five techno-structural concerned with restructuring organizations such as:
1. Structural Design. This change process concerns the organization 's division of labour-how to specialized task performances. Interventions aimed at structural design include moving from more traditional ways of dividing the organizations overall work (such as functional, self-contained-unit, and matrix structures) to more integrative and flexible forms (such as p...

... middle of paper ... the same direction.
2. Self-designing organizations. This change program helps organizations gain the capacity to alter them fundamentally. It is a highly participative process involving multiple stakeholders in setting strategic directions and designing and implementing appropriate structures and processes.
Organizations learn how to design and implement their own strategic changes.
3. Organization learning and knowledge management. This intervention describes two interrelated change processes: Organization Learning (OL), which seeks to enhance an organization 's capability to acquire and develop new knowledge, and Knowledge Management (KM), which focuses on how that knowledge can be organized and used to improve organization performance. These interventions move the organization beyond solving existing problems so as to become capable of continuous improvement.

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