Essay on The Man 's Favorite Pastime

Essay on The Man 's Favorite Pastime

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It was a winter-gray late afternoon, but it didn’t matter that it was winter and fat snowflakes swirled in the air – Taran was overheated from another brutal training session with his father and the other warriors. As usual, Kahl had worked them half to death, and Taran was still burning up as he sauntered home: slowly, oh so slowly. Every muscle in his body throbbed from exertion and overwork. Taran had been paired with Bili for hand-to-hand combat exercises, which was near torture. There was nothing quite like grappling with the largest, strongest man in the village, even if that man was your best friend. It’s not as if Bili held back. If anything, he fought against Taran even harder than usual.
Kahl loved that. The king loved watching Taran struggle, sweat, and look like a fool. It might even be the man’s favorite pastime, other than fucking an uncountable number of women, beating Taran’s mother, and executing people.
However, during the last moments of grappling, Taran had a surge of energy fueled by a burning desire to infuriate his father, so Taran summoned his strength and managed to land Bili on his back. Bili fell back onto the dirt with a spectacular crash, and Taran pressed his boot against the man’s neck. Bili laughed, stood, and ruffled Taran’s newly-cut hair.
“Good work, Heir to the Throne,” said Bili with true appreciation.
Moments later, Kahl called for the end of training. The disgruntled king marched off without a word to his eldest son. The man would never recognize any of Taran’s accomplishments, only the perceived shortcomings.
At the moment, it didn’t matter what Kahl thought, because all Taran could focus on was getting home, washing up (because he was filthy and stinking), and eating. His mouth watered at ...

... middle of paper ...

...e would have made sure to he was clean and smelled less… ripe. What right did she have to sit in his home and complain? He gathered his thoughts before he spoke.
“I’m still not sure you’re supposed to be here,” he said. “I think you have the wrong house. You’re looking for whom, exactly?”
She took her seat up on the table again. “Oh, yes, I make it a habit to walk into strange cottages and announce I’m to be the owner’s wife. Of course I’m in the right place! You’re Prince Taran and we’re to wed. Certainly your father told this.”
It was clear this woman didn’t know her father. At all.
“Um, no, he said nothing. We speak only when necessary.”
“Yes, well, I met him once briefly. He looked me over and said I would do nicely, then handled the rest of the betrothal arrangements with my father. So here I am!” Those final words were delivered in a sharp, exasperated tone.

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