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In Major League Baseball, stadiums can affect the game dramatically by the size and by the way the dirt is laid out and how the weather is as well. The baseball teams and players can be affected by this in their major life physically and mentally. Major League Baseball is a prominent organization in our daily life. The game is very important for most people. The game is a lifestyle to people as well. Baseball has changed over the years. For instance, Pete Palmer states, “The way baseball is playing right now is completely different from the past” (Palmer, summary, 2014). A very helping part of baseball are baseball stadiums. For example, ballparks of america says, “... ballparks are amazing, they help us play” (ballparks of america, summary, …show more content…

For example, Bill Miller says “ Fenway Park, Boston-1912” (Miller, Chart, 2013). That means that Fenway Park is the oldest ballpark still used today. What comes with baseball stadiums are there dimensions. There are bigger ballparks and smaller ballparks. As well as the ballparks in general ballparks have additional things as well. They have concessions and restaurants. They also have store that you can shop at for that team. For instance, Carly Szkaradnik says “For a good taste of Pittsburgh, stroll down the stretch from the right field gate to home plate for options including iconic Primanti Bros.” (Szkaradnik, Paragraph 5, 2015). With these examples and information about ballparks, people can insist that players and the audience love stadiums because they have the assets that people love. Of course, without baseball teams there would not even be baseball. In major league baseball there are two divisions. national and american league. There are 15 teams in each division which equals 30 teams in the whole league. For this project you pick 4 teams. I picked two teams from the national league and two teams from the american league. The two teams i'm picking for this experiment in the national league is The Pittsburgh Pirates …show more content…

The Major league is the most important and major league in baseball other than single,double,or triple a. That is when people can prove to the major league team that they are good enough to be in the league. There are many rules to baseball that change the game dramasticly. They have made many in last year like there are now replays to help determine a controversial play to help make it right. There also is other rules like there are 2 foul lines, so if the ball goes across the line before passing 1st and 3rd base it will not count as a fair ball unless popped up and caught by the defense. Another rule is that there should not be no more than 9 players on the field also counting the pitcher. Also when the pitcher is winding up on the mound to pitch he can not drop the ball or that will count as a balk which then means every runner can advance a base. The experiment overall will not be as difficult as i have stated. What I would need is microsoft excel and batting statistics. I would have to put the batting statistics in the chart and it will solve it up later. Science Buddies state, " Basic knowledge, Microsoft Excel, and batting statistics” (Science Buddies, Requirements,

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that major league baseball's stadiums can affect the game dramatically by the size, dirt, and weather. major league baseball is a prominent organization in our daily life.
  • Explains that major league baseball stadiums are important assets to the game. they are also very old ones that are still used today.
  • Explains that baseball is divided into two divisions: the national and the american league. they pick the pittsburgh pirates, chicago cubs and toronto blue jays.
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