Males And Females Of The Species : A Type Of Poisonous Frog Essay

Males And Females Of The Species : A Type Of Poisonous Frog Essay

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It is important for parents of any species to have the ability to distinguish their young from others in order to know that their young are receiving care. It is suggested that males and females of the species Allobates femoralis, a type of poisonous frog, use sex-specific cues to distinguish their clutches from others that are nearby (Ringler, Pasukonis, Ringler, & Huber, 2016). There are risks that come with taking care of a clutch that is not one’s own, and parents who expend their energy taking care of young that are not theirs decreases the chances that their clutch will be successful (Ringler et al., 2016).
Males and females play different parental roles when taking care of their young. After oviposition, females leave their clutch in the male’s territory, providing no further care to the clutch (Ringler et al., 2016). It is the male’s responsibility to carry the young tadpoles to a nearby sources of water. However, when the male has abandoned the clutch, it becomes the responsibility of the female to transport the tadpoles to the water (Ringler et al., 2016). Because males and females have different parental care roles, it is possible that they have developed different mechanisms that have allowed them to differentiate their clutches from others (Ringler et al., 2016). This study sought to determine if males and females can distinguish their young from others and if they use cues indirectly or directly to help them move their young to water (Ringler et al., 2016). The study also sought to discover if these behaviors were only elicited when the frog’s clutch was present (Ringler et al., 2016).
Three tests were performed in order to determine the different strategies that were used by the frogs in determining their clutch fro...

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...count for the biases that may be present when testing the different clutches. For example, when placing the clutches into the terrariums, the authors made sure to handle both clutches so that the individual being tested would not discriminate based on this factor. Although the authors’ results did support their hypothesis, the authors could have accounted for the idea that there may be other reasons why the different sexes discriminate between clutches. For example, there may be sex-specific predation risks that may cause females to need to have a successful way to discriminate their clutch from others (Ringler et al., 2016). This article fits into the realm of herpetology because it discusses the different mechanisms that male and female frogs used to distinguish their clutches from others that do not belong to them, a topic in herpetology that needs more research.

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