Essay about Male Pornography and Gender Roles

Essay about Male Pornography and Gender Roles

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Pornography is an issue that has generated serious speculation; it has grown from a state of insignificance to being a major social issue in most parts of the world. The period from early 1960’s has been labeled as the modern pornography wave. It is a period that saw major discussions in all aspects of the phenomenon from terminology, definitions, the level of sexual content, the economic impact, and most importantly its effects. This paper seeks to address the issue of pornography from the perspective of male participation, consumption, and the interrelated issues. The paper includes a review of two articles; the first article is a scholarly article from a peer reviewed journal, while the second one is a popular media article. Both articles are compared from the perspective of how they approach the issue of male pornography; the paper seeks to distinguish both approaches as it demonstrates the significance of using scholarly articles as opposed to media articles.
Article 1: U.S Male and Pornography, 1973 – 2010
This paper was done by Paul J. Wright from Indiana University, Department of Telecommunications. Wright argues that although social scientific research on the effect of consumption of pornography among males may be highly debated, it might not have focused testing the feminist perspective that pornography aggravates sexual aggression against females. He posits that previous research might have addressed the use of pornography amongst males; however, they overlooked the permissive approach to sexual affairs (Wright, 2013).
In the study, Wright applied a cross-sectional Social survey on the data spanning from 1973 to 2010. He applied the GSS surveys that examined social issues among adults 18 years an...

... middle of paper ... concluding that exposure to pornography would exacerbate engagement in unprotected sex and having multiple sexual partners. It may further be concluded that scholarly articles are a reliable source of information basing on the premise that the norms used are standardized, they use scientific approaches and the findings are further reviewed by professionals within a certain discipline. Nevertheless, popular media articles may be applicable among the general public or average readers who may not understand the jargon and the complexity seen with scholarly articles.

Kutchinsky, B. (1991). Pornography, Sex Crime, and Public Policy. Institute of Criminology and Criminal Science, University of Copenhagen. 25. 47-64.
Wright, P. J. (2013). U.S Males and Pornography, 1973-2010: Consumption, Predictors, Correlates. Journal of Sex Research, 50 (1), 60-73.

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